Google/Motorola Deal Edges Closer to the Final Go-Ahead

Google made its intention to splash out on the purchase of Motorola Mobility public last August, and despite concerns that the merger may not gain approval, or take several years to complete, a major hurdle has been cleared today.

The European Commission has now stamped its approval on the deal, with the US Department of Justice swiftly doing the same, taking Google two steps closer to all they need to finalise the $12.5 billion deal.

It’s not all smooth sailing though, as both regulatory boards have told Google to behave when it comes to patent licensing terms and conditions in the future. The recent ‘patent wars’ have be well publicised, and Google has been shown to be at a disadvantage when it comes to the amount of patents it currently owns.

This will change when it buys Motorola though, as the package comes complete with 17,000 patents and 7,500 patent applications, providing Google with a massive boost to its arsenal.

The regulators are concerned that this could lead to abuse, and want to avoid companies ‘gouging rivals’ by linking patents with Android, then charging higher licensing prices to ensure phones work together.

Reuters report that the EU Competition Commissioner has said they are prepared to open cases in the future should the need arise, but their concerns are ‘not enough to block the merger.’

Regulators in China have yet to approve the deal, and will come to a decision before 20 March.

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  1. Seems that majority of these cempanios are either suing or are being sued. This is just crazy. They should work together in harmony. There will always be competition but is should be healthy and this seems very unhealthy.

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