Possible Intel Medfield-Powered Motorola Phone Appears Online

Both Lenovo and Motorola announced a partnership with Intel during CES, where the pair confirmed they would be using the new Medfield system-on-a-chip in future devices. The China-bound K800 made a brief appearance during the show, but Motorola indicated fans should wait for news of its devices until Mobile World Congress.

As MWC 2012 nears, a leaked image purported to show Motorola’s effort has appeared online. Like the K800, the unnamed phone will use Intel’s Medfield chip instead of the Texas Instruments processors powering existing Motorola phones, but at this time there’s no indication whether it’ll match the K800′s 1.6GHz clock speed.

The fact it will use the Medfield would normally be enough for it to be labelled as exciting, but making it even more so is it’s set to be the first Motorola phone to come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed, plus it will have the latest version of the Motoblur user interface over the top.

According to Pocketnow’s source, Motorola may promote the phone as a top-of-the-range cameraphone, complete with a 15-frame burst mode and an instant-on feature, just like Windows Phone devices offer.

Previous indications were that Motorola would have an Intel phone go on sale during the second half of 2012, which means that although perhaps a little early, Mobile World Congress is still the perfect platform from which to launch it.

Motorola and Intel are both going to be at the show, and while Intel has a press event planned for 27 February, Motorola has yet to provide a date and time for any press conference it plans to hold.

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