HTC to be PlayStation Certified?

An unnamed source has told Pocketlint that mobile manufacturer HTC will be gaining PlayStation certification for its mobile devices in the coming months.  They would be one of the very first to receive this stamp of approval, and provided it’s handled correctly, could be quite a boost for the company.

As neither Sony or HTC has commented on the situation, it remains a rumour at the moment, but there is a chance we’ll find out more during Mobile World Congress.  The source has also said the process won’t be complete until the second half of the year, so it’s unlikely we’ll see any phones just yet.

There are only a few mobile devices outside of the PSP to boast PlayStation Certification at the moment, including the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the Xperia Arc and Sony’s S and P tablets, and all have access to exclusive games.

By opening up to HTC, Sony could drive consumer interest in its certified games, and therefore make it more attractive to developers.  This is important, as the exclusive titles can’t continue to be old PSOne games or rehashes of established titles.

By allowing others to use the PlayStation name – in a similar way to licensing the Walkman and CyberShot branding to Sony Ericsson – Sony’s doing exactly what Nintendo needs to do in order to keep up with iOS and Android in terms of mobile gaming.

Will we see HTC create its own version of the Xperia Play, complete with similar controls and buttons?  There’s no reason to think we won’t, as arguably a gaming flagship device like the Play is needed to make the most of not only the license, but also the games available.

HTC already looks to have a busy Mobile World Congress, will any PlayStation plans be revealed too?

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