Android Jelly Bean Set To Launch In Coming Months?

Rumours have surfaced that suggest Google is readying the 5th iteration of Android, to be known as Jelly Bean, for release in the second quarter of 2012. T

The report, which comes via DigiTimes, and points towards the new OS being optimised for large screen formats such as tablets and netbooks.

A key feature of the upcoming platform is said to be the ability to dual-boot Chrome OS, therefore harnessing Android’s huge popularity in order to position Chrome to a larger audience.

Additionally, dual-boot capability will mean that Android 5.0 could potentially offer large-scale integration with the Chrome OS functions in netbooks and laptops, providing key competition for Microsoft’s Windows 8.

It does seem unlikely that Google would launch a brand new operating system so soon after the unveiling of Ice Cream Sandwich, however, a number of sources are already pointing toward Google I/O in June as a possible stage for its launch.


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