HTC to Call the Quad-Core Endeavor the One X

Earlier this week, it was rumoured the HTC device with the codename Edge had been renamed as the Endeavor. Now though, that the name is said to have been changed again. Instead of another codename, the Edge/Endeavor has been given its true public identity, and it’ll be known as the One X.

The ‘X’ in the title will be written in superscript, just like the ’2′ is when indicating a number is squared. Mobile phone fans with extremely long memories will recall that Samsung also used superscript text when they named the Soul b all the way back in 2008.

It appears HTC will be, rather confusingly, using the ‘One’ name throughout its range, as the HTC Ville has been connected with the release name of the HTC One S. Is that two ones then? Or is one of the Ones a two? Perhaps these will be the only two Ones HTC will make, unless they take a similar route to Samsung and call others the One M, One B and so on.

The One X will be the one you want the most though, as it’s all set to be one of the first quad-core smartphones released, and there’s every chance we’ll see it at Mobile World Congress.

So, could this all mean HTC has put its famous thesaurus back on the shelf? That there won’t be an HTC Awesome or an HTC Blindingly Good? We’ll find out soon.

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