Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Leaks

Launched in November last year, the Samsung Galaxy Note has caused quite a splash, being both lauded and vilified by critics. The device boasts a massive 5.3-inch touchscreen with a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution, Google Android Gingerbread, and a 1.4GHz dual-core processor, plus the unusual S-Pen stylus for note-taking, annotations and all sorts of other pen-based activities.

Having sold more than a million worldwide, and a million in its home country of South Korea, Samsung is rightly proud of its giant creation; and it appears it’s not going to be a standalone device for much longer either.

Spotted on an invitation to a Samsung Developer event at MWC is a reference to the Galaxy Note 10.1, a name which shares similarities with the Tab 10.1, where the figures refer to the screen size. So is it a typo? Sources say no, digging out a casting call for a TV ad that would feature a teen student using a Galaxy Note 10.1 as further proof.

Samsung loves making as many iterations of a single device as possible, so it’s not that surprising it would take the Note’s special feature – the S-Pen – and add it to a much larger device. If this is the case, the new tablet would also need the special software applications suited to the S-Pen installed too.

With the potential for a screen as big as 10-inches, we doubt this Note will be another smartphone/tablet hybrid, and will instead be closer to Samsung’s Tab range than the Galaxy smartphones.  t’s also possible we’ll see versions in other sizes too.

Despite not holding a press conference during Mobile World Congress, Samsung has promised some new devices, of which the Note 10.1 could be one. We’ll find out as soon as 27 February comes around.

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