iPad 3 Retina Display and Revised Rear Panel Leaked

The Apple iPad 3 is on its way, that much is certain, but as usual we don’t know all that much about it. However, as the rumoured launch date draws near, more information begins sees the light of day.

An image which supposedly shows the iPad 3′s rear panel appeared over the weekend, and although at first glance looks identical to the iPad 2, is apparently slightly less tapered at the edges. The camera module is also different to the existing iPad, and could be another 8 megapixel sensor, making it the same as the iPhone 4S. A slightly larger lens fits in with the spec of another iPad 3 case leak earlier this month.

Whether the next-generation iPad is any thicker than the iPad 2 isn’t clear, but as it could house a quad-core A6 processor, an improved GPU and in the USA, 4G LTE connectivity, we’d expect a more powerful battery to help keep the new model’s performance at least on a par with its outgoing brother.

In another leak, this time to MacRumors, a screen panel said to be from the iPad 3 seems to confirm the presence of a ‘Retina Display’. This is a feature rumoured for the iPad 2, but which never materialized, so there is every chance the panel examined is from a previous prototype, and not necessarily from the new model.

By putting the screen under a microscope, MacRumors saw the iPad 2′s 2 x 2 grid of pixels replaced by a 4 x 4 grid, indicating a final resolution of 2048 x 1536. This is double what the iPad and iPad 2′s screens can display.

Before getting ahead of ourselves and ‘confirming’ that the iPad 3 will have a Retina Display screen, the A6 processor and the rear panel seen here, we should remind ourselves that before it appeared, everyone expected the new iPhone would look very different to the iPhone 4. All the above is distinctly possible, but right now, it’s still just speculation.

Apple is expected to announce its iPad 3 event before the end of the month, and hold it during the first week of March. Possibly.

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