BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 is Finally Available

As promised in January, Research in Motion has finally let version 2.0 of its PlayBook operating system loose on the world. Despite the tablet going on sale in early 2011, the new, improved software has suffered delays, denying several key features to owners of the tablet.

press release published this morning confirmed the update has been sent out, and a tweet from the official BlackBerry UK Twitter account made it clear that PlayBook owners in the UK could enjoy the new software too.

The new version has several new features, the most important of which being an integrated email client and a complete calendar application. Both of these will integrate with social networks and the contacts app to pull all your friend’s messages and addresses together in one place.

RIM has made it easier to connect your BlackBerry smartphone to your PlayBook too, with an improved edition of BlackBerry Bridge. Using Bluetooth, this allows you to share content between the phone and the tablet, including photos, webpages and documents.

Other new features include a remote control app to let you control aspects of the tablet from a BlackBerry phone, the Print to Go app and a revised keyboard with new auto-correction software.

Finally, a selection of new apps have been released inside the BlackBerry App World, including some which have been ported across from Android.

If you’re a PlayBook owner, you should find the OS 2.0 update ready and waiting under the Software Update menu on your tablet. At 500MB it’s not going to be a quick install, but it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

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  1. I’m not quite sure you know, but you can change the setitngs on the Xoom to only view Desktop version on website. Technically it is not a downside when you can just change the setitngs:PType about:debug in the Address bar, then this will unlock the debug panel. Then you will need to go to setitngs, then tap on Debug, and tap again on UAString . You will then see the options on how you want the website to load. And Tap Desktop:) Hope this helps

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