HTC Set To Unveil “Something Fast” at MWC 2012

Another day, another cryptic message from a mobile manufacturer. Earlier in the week, Samsung announced its big launch event (taking place in lieu of a proper presence at Mobile World Congress) by sending out flyers featuring strange interconnecting shapes and very little information. Now HTC has got in on the act by distributing a simple monochrome image of an HTC handset with the number 5 on the phone’s display.

The image, posted on the HTC Facebook page, comes accompanied by the caption “This Sunday you’ll discover something fast”. Cue more fevered rumour-spreading from tech sites around the world as they try to decipher the meaning of the image and its caption.

Since its appearance, the HTC Facebook page itself has received a steady stream of comments from fans, with interpretations of the image varying wildly. Some users argue that the ‘5’ merely represents the countdown in days until the HTC press conference  at MWC this Sunday, other commenters expect five different phones to launch at the event whilst some more idealistic thinkers believe that it means an HTC-exclusive launch of the fifth version of Android – Jellybean. Then there are those who simply think the image is “awsome” (sic) or that HTC should focus on getting the best from its existing range rather than launching yet more hardware.

As for the claim of “something fast”, the main theory put forth by most reports is that HTC plan to announce a line of quad-core devices featuring Nvidia’s the Tegra 3 chip, possibly pointing to a launch of the much-vaunted HTC Endeavour. However, as no solid information has been forthcoming from the Taiwanese manufacturer, it seems that all eyes will be trained on Barcelona this weekend.


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