MWC 2012: The New Nokia 808 PureView Comes with an Incredible 41 Megapixel Camera


Proving the rumours are at least partially correct, Nokia has revealed the replacement of the Nokia N8 at its Mobile World Congress press conference, and it’s certainly a worthy successor. The Nokia 808 PureView was teased in a short video last week, and actually appeared under a different name last year, but few were prepared for it to be this impressive.

Like Nokia, we’re not going to bury the lede here: The Nokia 808 PureView has a 41 megapixel camera. Yes, that’s 41 megapixels, an astonishing figure for a regular camera let along a camera phone. It’s incredibly clever too, with the ability to shoot at standard 4:3 ratio resolutions such as 5 and 8¬†megapixels, or at super high 16:9 resolutions at a maximum of 38 megapixels.

When working in standard mode, the 808′s camera captures seven pixels of information, then brings them all-together into one. These shots are hugely detailed, allowing you to zoom in and reveal tiny details, then crop and resize them to create new images that still look great.

During the press conference, Nokia’s VP of Smart Devices Jo Harlow likened the technology to that used by satellite imaging, and described its ability to deliver ‘breath-taking images … at any resolution’ as a ‘quantum leap’ forward.

As hinted at by Damian Dinning recently, the 808 PureView introduces 1080p video recording, along with Nokia Rich Recording, which records CD-quality audio without the need for an external microphone. It also has a xenon flash and an LED video light.

Of course, with this much camera tech stuffed inside a phone, some concessions have had to be made with the shape, size and weight of the 808. Measuring nearly 18mm at its widest point and 13.9mm at its slimmest, the phone tips the scales at a porky 169 grams, and has a pronounced hump on the rear panel which conceals the monster camera sensor.

Other features of the 808 PureView include a 4-inch nHD AMOLED touchscreen, 16GB of internal storage with the option to increase this to 48GB with a microSD card, Bluetooth 3.0, DLNA connectivity, GPS, NFC and Dolby Plus 5.1 audio software too.

Nokia has yet to confirm the processor’s clock speed on its product page, but GSMarena says it’s a 1.3GHz single-core chip with 512MB of RAM. The phone also runs Symbian and will ship with the latest Nokia Belle version.

When questioned about whether the 808 PureView would be the last Symbian phone as has been rumoured recently, the answer was non-committal, with Jo Harlow saying that Nokia would continue supporting Symbian, but she couldn’t comment of future hardware plans.

The Nokia 808 PureView will go on sale in May.

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