After Jelly Bean, Google Wants Some Key Lime Pie

Everyone loves an update, and Google Android updates are always highly anticipated and much discussed, regardless of how long they take to reach our phones. At the moment, it’s all about Ice Cream Sandwich, the name given to Android 4.0.

Various phones revealed at last week’s Mobile World Congress will come with Ice Cream Sandwich as standard when they’re released, but those with phones deemed worthy of an upgrade to ICS by their respective manufacturers are still waiting for an exact time of arrival.

But forget all about Ice Cream Sandwich, as next on the horizon is Jelly Bean, the name said to be given to Android 4.x or perhaps even Android 5.0. Believed to be unveiled later on this year, it should be just in time for Ice Cream Sandwich to hit the majority of phones.

Except now, thanks to a source chatting with TheVerge, the name of the Android OS to come after Jelly Bean has been leaked, and it’s going to be Key Lime Pie. As you may know, it’s an acquired taste, and if you didn’t like it when you tried it, it’s because you were a completely different person back then.

Exactly what Key Lime Pie, or Jelly Bean for that matter, will contain is anyone’s guess, however Asus has recently said it hoped to be among the first to produce devices running Jelly Bean, and also indicated it would indeed be Android 5.0. There have also been rumours of a Google rival to Siri, called Google Assistant, which could become part of a future Android update too.

Neither Jelly Bean nor Key Lime Pie have been given release dates, so we’ll just have to make do with Ice Cream Sandwich for now.

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