Top Ten Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

Enjoy our round-up of ten mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including possible specs for the Sony Hayabusa, real-life Reckless Racing and Stephen Elop’s salary.

1. Sony LT29i Hayabusa Benchmarked

The Hayabusa name first appeared on a leaked Sony roadmap of 2012, which slated the high-end device for launch in the summer. It has now appeared in a benchmark test under the model number of LT29i, and appears to have a 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor and an HD screen with a resolution of 1196 x 720. This is thought to be misprint though, and it will eventually end up being 1280 x 720.

2. HTC Starts Chinese Windows Phone Rush

Nokia may be excited about bringing the Lumia series to China, and therefore gaining access to a huge, growing market of eager smartphone owners, but HTC has announced the availability of its own Windows Phone Tango device in the country too. Named the Triumph, it’s a re-branded version of our own HTC Titan, and it’ll launch with Windows Phone Tango there soon.

3. Nokia’s MWC Press Conference Highlights

Mobile World Congress may be a fast receding memory, but there may be those who would like to see the major announcements made at the show in video form, just without all the fluff around them. Nokia understands this and has put together a 15 minute highlights video from its press conference, containing all the new releases and key comments from the speakers.

4. Google Boosts Android Market Max App Size

Google has changed its rules for the Android Market’s maximum applications size, upping the limit to 4GB. This change is important for developers, who previously had to store large app files on their own servers, due to Google’s maximum 50MB size restriction. Now this has been replaced, Google has also altered the 15 minute return window to start after the complete file has downloaded.

5. Nokia World 2012 Announced

Nokia’s annual get-together, Nokia World, has been announced for 25-26 of September this year, and in a change from the London location used for the last few years, it’ll be held in Helsinki, Finland. There are no details on the content as yet, but we can be sure Nokia will be showing-off some new Windows Phone handsets.

6. Two Nokia Codenames Revealed

Interested to know what Nokia has planned for the future? Well a pair of codenames linked to Windows Phone 8 have been revealed, but sadly so far only with ties to US networks. The AC/DC and Prodigy could be dual-core Windows Phones ready for release later in the year, and indicate Nokia is favouring band-related codenames this year.

7.  It’s Real Life Reckless Racing

If you’ve played Pixelbite’s Reckless Racing or its sequel, you’ll know its great fun and all about sliding racing cars around a twisty dirt track. But what about giving it a try in the real-world? To celebrate the release of Reckless Racing 2 for its Xperia range of phones, Sony organized exactly that, but then took it one stage further by making the full-size cars remote controlled. They made a video showing what happened, and it looks brilliant!

8. Goodnight Windows Mobile Marketplace

Just to be clear, it’s Windows Mobile Marketplace we’re talking about here, and not Windows Phone Marketplace. The former deals with applications for the long since departed Windows Mobile 6.x operating system, and Microsoft has been sending letters to users letting them know it’ll be closing down for good on 9 May. Apps on phones won’t be affected, but downloads won’t be available anymore.

9. LG Lucid Headed for Verizon in USA

A new LG phone has been spotted. Named the LG Lucid, it’s currently expected to hit Verizon in the USA sometime soon, meaning it’s a CDMA device and not suitable for the UK’s networks. As for what we’re missing, the Lucid is a 4G phone with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, an 8 megapixel camera and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

10. Want to Know What Stephen Elop Earned Last Year?

If you’re British, you probably understand it’s bad form to ask what salary someone earns, despite the fact you probably want to know. Well here’s the chance to know what Nokia CEO Stephen Elop earned last year, thanks to an official financial document released to the public. It states that all told, he received 7.94 million euros, and has a base salary of just over 1 million euros. Very nice!

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