Resort Chain Bans Mobiles From Beaches

The sign above is what you’ll now find on the beaches of one Caribbean hotel chain after a new ‘no mobile’ rule was introduced for holidaymakers looking to make the most of their relaxation time.

Customer research conducted by Elite Island Resorts, which owns hotels all over the Caribbean, indicated that almost 8 out of 10 customers agree that spending time without their Blackberry makes them more considerate people, and that they would find time without their mobile to be “liberating”.

Following on from a successful trial in the Grenadines, which ended up entirely gadget-free, the scheme is now being rolled out across all Elite hotels.

An Elite representative said: “Mobile technology and social media give us freedom to communicate 24/7 but people can find themselves becoming slaves to them even on holiday.

“We want people to have a break from them, even if it’s just for the few hours they are on the beach.”

To that end, one beach on each of Elite’s resorts has displayed the ‘Vacations at Work’ sign, and will follow up on this by reminding tourists of the no mobile rule at check-in, as well as by advertising it in each room’s Welcome Guide.

Rather than assigning employees to enforce this rule, it’s hoped that holidaymakers will simply respect the policy, and switch off their phones accordingly – after all, if you’re still getting those annoying e-mails from work, you can’t really call it a holiday.

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