Nokia Design Chief Says He’s Hard at Work on a New Tablet

Rumours that Nokia is building a tablet computer have gathered pace this week, starting with manufacturing insiders talking about a possible 10-inch Windows 8 slate being close to production, and continuing now with what could be seen as confirmation that a tablet will arrive from Nokia soon.

This tantalising titbit comes from Nokia’s Executive Vice President of Design, Marko Ahtisaari, who revealed in an interview with a Finnish magazine that he was spending ‘a third of his time’ creating a new tablet device. Sadly he didn’t have much more to say on the subject, other than that they’re ‘working on it.’

Nokia hasn’t made a secret of the fact it’s interested in the tablet market, but CEO Stephen Elop has commented that should they develop such a product, it would be something special and not simply imitate the many others already on sale.

Mr. Ahtisaari could well be the man to bring that unique edge Nokia obviously desires. Having headed the company’s design team since 2009, he has been responsible for the Nokia N9, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 phones, all of which are beautiful pieces of design.

His views on the future of Nokia’s smartphone creations were partially revealed in an interview with The Guardian earlier in the year.  He talked about removing as much clutter as possible, a choice he described as ‘extreme,’ and his comments could be seen as references to the possible introduction of wireless charging and further use of NFC connectivity, a feature becoming more commonplace on Nokia’s smartphones.

With any Nokia tablet likely to run Windows 8, which in turn will integrate with Windows Phone, these innovations could find their way into tablets too.

If Nokia does launch a tablet later in the year, then September’s Nokia World event seems like a perfect platform from which to do so.

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