Samsung To Invest In RIM?

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung could be about to invest in ailing smartphone manufacturer RIM, if the latest news emanating from Wall St proves to be accurate.

According to reports, Samsung is preparing to make a $1.5 billion investment in the Canadian company with the intention of licensing the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS from RIM for use in future Samsung mobile devices.

Whilst there are scant details of any prospective deal at the time of writing, many amongst the ranks of the financial press suggest that the move to invest has been spurred by Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola and the implications it has for the future of Android, in particular its development in conjunction with specific hardware manufacturers.

It is speculated that devices running BlackBerry 10 from Samsung are a distinct possibility, although it’s perhaps more likely that Samsung will switch its focus to Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform should Motorola edge it out of its position as primary Android manufacturer.

The news doesn’t come as that much of a surprise, especially considering that RIM has long been rumoured to have been touting its software to various vendors in a bid to secure licensing agreements, however no such deals have come to fruition as of yet. Whether these latest rumours have any substance remains to be seen, but RIM’s stock went up 5% over the weekend after news of the potential deal came to light on Friday.

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