Samsung Galaxy S III Ready for Launch on 22 May?

A leaked image said to show the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone has appeared on Reddit, and looks to be in-line with previous rumours concerning the phone being razor thin and having a large touchscreen.

However, it’s not the convincing-looking photo that’s the most interesting part of the leak, as by looking at the widgets displayed on the screen, one can spot a hint of when the device may be launched.

First of all, it’s showing London’s weather, then a 22 May date with the words ‘Watch a live broadcast of the Galaxy S III Unpacked event’ next to it. Above this is a 6pm-7pm time slot.

So, if the phone’s display is to be believed, then Samsung will hold one of its famous Unpacked events in London on Tuesday 22 May at 6pm, where the Galaxy S III will finally be unveiled.

At the moment this is all speculation, and there’s always a chance the image has been doctored, however, the branding indicates it could be from Samsung’s PR agency, meaning it gains at least a degree of credibility.

A London launch makes sense for several reasons. First, Samsung has held Unpacked events in the capital before, and second, Samsung is one of the primary sponsors of the 2012 Olympics, meaning it would fit in very well with other promotions. For example, Samsung has already teamed up with Visa to create a wireless payments system especially for the Games, and is also expected to release a special edition Olympic phone.

An event at the end of May would be almost exactly two months before the Games begin, and would mesh with Samsung’s own statement that the S III’s launch event would be held during the first half of the year.

For now though, all we can do is wait until  Samsung gives the official word, but it could be worth penciling in a reminder for 22 May, just in case.

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  1. I don’t think so In my opinion Samsung Galaxy S II is bteter than the Iphone 4s, but I’d rather buy an Iphone than a Samsung because when I hear Samsung, I hear TVs, Fridges,camcorder, DSLRs.With iPhone, it’s like apple is in the background it can stand by its own it doesn’t need Apple writen in front of it to tell people hey guys it’s apple . Galaxy is not a phone Samsung is, there are so much samsung phones out there.Anyways we have different opinions,nice 2 share

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