Instagram for Android is Almost Here

Instagram is one of the iPhone’s most popular camera apps, as it not only provides a cool set of filters and editing tools, but a lively social scene too, where users can share, like and comment on uploaded photos. It has been such a hit that several spin-off companies have emerged from Instagram‘s success, including Stickygram, who convert your pictures into little magnets, and CardFlick, which makes them into business cards.

But Instagram‘s iPhone exclusivity is about to come to an end, as the company has put up a webpage for its Android version of the app, along with the opportunity to sign-up for an email notification when it’s released. This has been a long-time coming, but we knew the end was near when it was announced the app had reached the beta test stage recently, however, exactly how long it will take between now and the time it hits Google Play is unknown.

We put Instagram up against one of its cross-platform alternatives, PicPlz, a while back and found both were great fun to use, but really liked PicPlz‘s variety when it came to browsing the newly added snaps, all thanks to both Android and iPhone users using it. Now that Instagram will have access to the same user base too, it’s likely to become even more popular.

Already said to have more than 15 million users, we can expect this figure to rocket when the Android version is released, plus The Wall Street Journal has recently reported Instagram has attracted another $40 million of investment, taking its valuation to a massive $500 million.

There are also rumours that the app is being developed for Windows Phone, so it may not be long until we see a sign-up page for that version too.

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