Latest iPhone 5 Rumours Suggest 3.5-inch Screen and 4G LTE is on the Cards

Not long after the rumours suggesting that the next Apple iPhone would have a large 4.6-inch screen appeared, a conflicting report was published by, saying the new device would retain the 3.5-inch screen size seen on all previous iPhone devices. As with the majority Apple-related rumours, this one comes from an unnamed source, so cannot be verified at this time.

The iMore report adds that in addition to the 3.5-icnh screen, the new phone will be compatible with 4G LTE networks, although probably not in the UK. This is hardly a surprise though, given the new iPad has introduced support for fast LTE connections.

There is also a chance of the standard 30-pin connector being made smaller on the new model, allowing Apple to experiment with new chassis designs. Due to the massive amount of third-party accessories already using the full-size connector, should Apple introduce a ‘micro dock’ connector, it would probably have to provide some kind of adaptor to make it compatible with those products too, or they risk annoying a lot of people who’ve purchased expensive audio docks.

Yet another rumour has linked a future Apple product with the introduction of an integrated universal remote control, following the discovery of an extensive patent filing for such a device. This fits in with talk of an Apple TV, a rumour which has gained considerable momentum over the past six months, but is still unconfirmed.

Finally, there’s the release date. The source who leaked the information on the iPhone’s supposed 4.6-inch screen said it would be launched in June, and agrees, citing news that Foxconn is hiring a further 20,000 workers, who will allegedly be building the new phone, as proof. On the other hand, iMore is sticking with a September/October launch, which is potentially the more likely of the two as it means the iPhone 4S will have a more traditional one-year lifespan.

Despite the many rumours circulating at the moment, there’s still a long way to go before we get any official ‘new’ iPhone news from Apple.

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