Microsoft Is Loser As Windows Phone Gets “Smoked”

A campaign launched by Microsoft aimed to show off the capabilities of the new Nokia Lumia range hit a bumpy patch when a Galaxy Nexus-toting blogger walked away from a competition held to test how much quicker the Lumia is than other smartphones with £1200 in prizes.

Sahas Katta of Skatter Tech lined up patiently for the “Smoked by Windows Phone” promotion in a Californian branch of a Microsoft store with his Samsung device, ready to test out any randomly assigned function in a head-to-head against an in-store demonstrator armed with a Lumia 800.

In an effort to drive more interest in the new Windows Phone range, Microsoft raised the stakes, upping the original prize of $100 for anyone whose mobile could outperform the Nokia, to a brand new laptop

When asked to bring up weather displays for two different locations, Katta was quicker on the draw than his opponent due to the dual weather widgets already in place on his home screen, (and the option to disable an unlock screen which would normally appear after hitting the power button). A split second later the Microsoft store employee also claimed completion, but by that point Katta was ready to take home the big prize – despite protests from store employees who at one point cried foul, then claimed that his phone had lost “just because”.

Katta took to his blog to complain of the unfair treatment he’d received in a post which was then picked up on the front page of Reddit, and from there by several other tech blogs, something which served as negative publicity towards contest organisers Microsoft.

There is a happy ending to this story however,  as Katta received a tweet from Microsoft employee Ben Rudolph, offering him the prize of a laptop as well as a new Lumia 800 – both of which Katta has since auctioned off for a charity to be determined by Reddit users.

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