Should you be Pinterested in the Latest Social Networking Phenomenon?

The launch – or at least, sudden increase in popularity – of a new social media platform always causes mixed reactions. Is it going to be like Google+, potentially a great idea but still not maybe having the take up that it would like? Or will it be the next Facebook? The newest kid on the block for social media has certainly been the cause of much chatter in tech circles, but what’s the deal with the pretty, image-led, Pinterest?

Launched in 2012, Pinterest is still technically in its beta stages, and obtaining access to the service is currently by invite only. Despite this, the service now has 21 million unique visitors across the world per month, and – for some key retailers and online publishers – is driving more traffic than other social platforms including YouTube and Google+. Once you have an invite, it’s easy to set up your account, and an incredibly rapid process to upload or ‘pin’ images from across the web, as well as ‘repin’ from other Pinterest users. You can hook it up through your Facebook or Twitter account, or through a simple email login – either way, it’s fast.

So why should you be interested in it?

The main reason you should be interested in Pinterest is simple: it looks good. Unlike other social platforms, where looks come after functionality, Pinterest revels in being entirely superficial and concentrating on what’s important – the outside. If you’re interested in craft, art, photography, or in fact anything vaguely creative, then Pinterest is an essential component of the modern creative’s toolkit. Aside from the huge variety of inspiring images on the site, there’s also an inordinate amount of craft tutorials. And if you’re planning a wedding – or a baby – then you’ll be tripping over inspiring images left, right and centre.

A slight negative aspect of Pinterest is that its mobile site and Pinterest apps aren’t yet up to scratch – they can’t compare to the original Pinterest site and its easy process of pinning through uploads or the Pin It bookmarklet. However, with this platform steadily growing in popularity, it’s only a matter of time before these bugs are fixed and Pintrest sparks the interest of mobile users.

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