Nokia Bolsters Lumia-Exclusive Apps with the Launch of Nokia TV

Nokia has announced a new addition to its growing range of custom applications for Lumia Windows Phones. At Mobile World Congress, Nokia Reading and Nokia Music were both introduced – along with the new Lumia 900 and Lumia 610 smartphones too – and now the company has given us Nokia TV.

Well, it has as long as you live in Finland, as the company has chosen its homeland as the launchpad for the new service. Nokia TV is an aggregator for online TV catch-up services, as well as local Internet broadcasters. It’s free to download and use, and doesn’t even require registration.

Nokia’s head of TV and Video says Finland is the ideal country to debut Nokia TV, as it already has “great existing catch-up TV services”, which makes the UK a prime candidate for a future release of Nokia TV thanks to BBC iPlayer, ITV Catch-up and 4OD.

While standalone apps for these services are available for several mobile platforms already, for Nokia to bring its excellent design work – as seen in Nokia Reading for example – to an app where all are gathered together in one place, will make yet another compelling reason for choosing the Lumia range over another Windows Phone device.

Nokia TV is set to launch in Finland in the coming weeks, but the company hasn’t said when – or even if – it plans to introduce the app to other markets. Here’s hoping it will!


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