New ‘Playa’ iPhone Case Offers a Different Kind of Protection

Traditional smartphone cases are designed to protect their contents from scratches and even the odd small drop – but one pioneering company has taken it upon itself to make a product that will help protect against another typical form of “accident”.

The ‘Playa’ iPhone case, designed by Australian company Annex Products, contains a sliding compartment on the back which can store two condoms – designed to avoid a ring-shaped embarrassment from indenting into users’ wallets; a situation which reportedly befell a poor unfortunate as he met his girlfriend’s parents for the first time, according to the promotional video.

Annex representative Robert Ward said: “Annex Products has always prided itself on developing strong, reliable protection solutions for the iPhone,

“With the Playa Case, we have taken protection to another level, for the iPhone user, and not just the phone itself.

“Protection [is] never farther away than your fingertips.”

It’s a fine idea for a certain market, with only a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, the casing is branded with a “Playa” logo – a colloquialism for one who thinks himself a hit with the ladies – which seems to cancel out all well-meaning discretion intended by the product itself. Plus, any discerning in-law who doesn’t happen to catch out the wily condom-stasher will certainly take offence to the message on their mobile case instead.

Secondly – and more crucially to the product’s function – is the risk of an overheating iPhone device rendering the condoms useless.

The Playa case is now available for pre-order in three colours ahead of its release the summer, it’s hoped by Annex that customers will ensure that their protection is shielded from prying parents.

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