At Last, Galaxy S2 Owners Get Ice Cream Sandwich Update

We know what many of you are thinking; you’ve heard all this before, right? Samsung has been trying to update the Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich for months now, and despite saying it was all ready to go in the middle of March, the update never really made it to many devices.

Worst of all was that SIM-free Galaxy S II owners were being denied the update, while those with phones with a carrier lock were receiving it; an unexpected turn of events given it was usually the exact opposite. This was apparently due to Samsung needing approval from all the networks before it could begin distributing it.

Today, a spokesperson for Samsung has spoken to CNET UK and said that all these problems have now been resolved, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is ready for those with SIM-free S II phones.

To get the update, you’ll have to fire up Samsung’s Kies software on your computer, and then either connect using a USB cable, or via Wi-Fi using the Kies app on your phone. A quick update check should reveal the software is ready to download.

Vodafone has also joined the Ice Cream Sandwich update party, and those on that network should be able to update to the latest version of the software too.

Earlier this week Sony announced it was still on track to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to its Xperia range of phones, and the new version would be coming in less than six weeks time.

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