Intel Says First Medfield Smartphone Will Launch Later This Week

Intel has told its investors that the first Medfield powered smartphone will launch later this week. The news was revealed during an earnings call with the company’s CEO Paul Otellini, but he didn’t elaborate any further on what, where or exactly when the phone would be revealed.

The Medfield chip is Intel’s big push into the smartphone market, and the Atom-derived processor has been designed to take on the might of current market leader, ARM. It’s more power-efficient than previous efforts, and made a big impact when Intel’s reference design phone made the rounds just before Christmas.

Since then, ZTE, Motorola and Lenovo have all pledged to release phones using the Medfield processor, and it’s probably going to be Lenovo’s K800 that goes on sale this week.

Unveiled at CES in January, the K800 has a 4-inch touchscreen, Android 4.0 and an 8 megapixel camera. At the time, no release date was given, but it was stated that it would be the very first Medfield phone to hit the shelves.

Motorola hasn’t announced its phone yet, although we have seen a leaked image and heard that it’ll be a high-end camera phone when it does finally arrive. UK network Orange has picked up Intel’s reference design phone, and codenamed it Santa Clara, which is expected to see a release during the summer.

If you’re already counting out your pennies ready for the K800, so far the word has been it’ll only go on sale in China, so unless that has changed, you’ll need to account for a plane ticket too.

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