Samsung To Introduce Cloud Storage Service During its May Event?

Samsung is often accused of copying Apple, sometimes unfairly, but other times with a little more justification. This is one of those times. According to a Korean news report, the company will be launching a cloud storage service during its event on 3 May, where it’s also expected to announce the Galaxy S III.

Now that’s not the problem, as plenty of other manufacturers and companies offer their customers cloud storage, from Apple’s iCloud to HTC’s collaboration with Dropbox and Microsoft with SkyDrive, but as you can see, the names are usually quite varied.

If the report is correct, Samsung will name it S-Cloud. Bravo, Samsung, that sounds completely, 100% unique!

Anyway, lawyer-baiting name aside, S-Cloud sounds like it’ll be competitive, as it will provide 5GB of storage, have little or no restrictions on what can be stored there, and possibly even offer streaming video or music. Samsung may have partnered with Microsoft to create S-Cloud, which could be built on SkyDrive’s system.

Providing a cloud storage service is the ‘in thing’ to do at the moment, so it makes sense for Samsung – who is trying to build a brand to which consumers are faithful – to introduce one.

But as interesting as it may be, all eyes will be on the Galaxy S III, or whatever it ends up being called, during the London event.

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