Samsung Teases us with a Teaser of the Galaxy S III’s Teaser

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn Samsung is milking the hype surrounding the Galaxy S III to the absolute maximum, starting with an invitation that gave nothing away sent at the beginning of last week, and continuing not only with a Facebook image and a cheeky tweet, but a pair of dedicated websites too.

Followers of Samsung’s Twitter account, and those who’ve Liked its Facebook page, may have noticed the phrase “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx” appear over the weekend, and potentially passed it off as nothing but a mistake.

However, the eagle-eyed may notice that that meaningless second word is an anagram of “the next galaxy,” and that destination could indicate it’s a domain name of some sort.

Sure enough, point your browser to and you’re presented with a countdown clock from Samsung Mobile, which expires in a touch under 15 hours at the time of writing. Yep, it looks like a teaser of the teaser for the Galaxy S III.

Interestingly, if you visit, you’re asked to provide a username and password to proceed, so expect this domain to become the home of the S III when it’s launched. Sadly, the username isn’t Admin and the password isn’t Password either, so we didn’t get a sneak peak.

Finally, over at Samsung’s Danish Facebook page, an image giving the date and time of the 3 May event is accompanied by a phone-like shape under a blue cover. Of course, it could just be a generic shape, but if it really is the S III, the phone will be a lot curvier than the S II.

Perhaps the forthcoming teaser will give us a little more information?

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