New Nokia Advert Shot on 808 Pureview

Nokia has demonstrated the confidence it has in its new 41MP camera-sporting 808 Pureview by producing a commercial shot using the device itself.

The promotional film for Symbian-powered handset was made using images and video footage captured using the 808’s camera and depicts the device being put through its paces in a variety of different conditions.

Key features of the Pureview handset are highlighted throughout the clip, including the camera’s incredible pixel count and quick capture ability, as well as its prowess low light along photography.

The ad also makes a point of showing off the phone’s social-networking functions, with images shown being uploaded to Facebook and Twitter.

This is  not the first time that Nokia has used one of its devices to promote itself in this way. The 808 advert echoes one produced to promote the Nokia N8 last year that featured blind photographer Gary Waite.

It was thanks to the 808 Pureview that Nokia carried off the Best New Device Award at this year’s Mobile World Congress. The device is set to be released in the UK on 14 May with a price tag of around £500.

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