First BlackBerry 10 Phone To Be Released in October?

According to a source speaking to, Research in Motion is on track for releasing its first BlackBerry 10 device this October, following an official announcement sometime in August. Previously thought to be released around September, this can be seen as a positive step for the troubled manufacturer.

As per previous rumours, the first phone will most likely be an all-touch device, and could be similar in design to the leaked BlackBerry London. It’ll be followed by a more traditional QWERTY BlackBerry 10 phone in early 2013.

The BlackBerry 10 operating system is an important release for RIM, as it needs to bring some sparkle back to the brand, and be marketable in the modern, cutthroat mobile industry. Initially known as BBX, the firm hit some legal problems over the name, and were forced to change it.

Several other phones said to run the operating system have been rumoured, but then reportedly cancelled in favour of the London. One of these phones, the Colt, could be presented as a BlackBerry 10 test mule to developers attending BlackBerry World next week.

We’re also hoping RIM will give us a preview of the operating system too, as aside from a few screenshots, we’ve yet to see it in operation. BlackBerry World will take place between 1-3 May in Orlando, Florida.

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