Report Shows No Clear Evidence To Suggest Mobile Use Affects Health

Despite an explosion in research over the past decade a review of scientific studies says that there is no evidence that using a mobile phone can damage your health.

While there has been a great deal of study of the effects that RF signals have on the human brain, the report by the Health Protection Agency says that results have not proven any link between electromagnetic fields and brain tumours or other types of cancer. The research concludes that the only way that the use of a mobile phone can damage your health is whilst driving.

Dr John Cooper, director of the HPA centre for radiation, chemical and environmental hazards, said: “There is still no convincing scientific evidence that RF field exposures from mobile phones and other radio technologies affect human health at exposure levels below internationally agreed guidelines.”

However, the report notes it is important to continue monitoring as there is little information on the effects that can be had on somebody over fifteen years after they were first exposed.

The HPA recommends that excessive use of mobile phones by children should be discouraged but that adults should make their own choice as to how much they use their phone.

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