RIM Demonstrates New BlackBerry OS Features

As RIM CEO Thorsten Heins took the stage at BlackBerry World 2012 his main focus was software with the BlackBerry man going to great lengths to show off the developments it has been making with the new BlackBerry OS.

BB10 won’t be released until later this year but some impressive features have been demonstrated at RIM’s showcase event in Florida. The new BlackBerry operating system looks set to be innovative and intuitive in a way that no previous iteration has been before.

The software is a massive overhaul of its previously, redesigning the OS from the ground up and moving away from the traditional app-based layout favoured by iOS and Android.

Vivek Bhardwaj, head of product software at RIM, joined Heins on stage to show off some of the new operating system’s features. The key word he used was ‘flow’, emphasising that the software’s functions are designed to flow smoothly into each other without users having to switch in between apps, opening and closing as they go.

The BlackBerry brand is well known for its physical keypad but RIM has moved away from this with BB10 and developed an onscreen offering with some very intuitive features. At first glance it looks like a regular touchscreen keypad but using it opens up a whole range of possibilities. Predictive has been text taken to another level and it now reads the first few letters that a user types and brings up a choice of words that can easily be inserted into a message.

The feature is similar to that in the PlayBook 2.0 OS that appears on RIM’s tablet device. The PlayBook’s feature would not only predict results based on the letters that a user was typing but also suggest other words based on the subject being written about.

Lastly, BB10’s most startling and impressive feature; a camera that can turn back time. Picture the scene – you’ve taken a photo of a group of people but someone blinked at the very moment that the shutter closed, spoiling the photo. The camera app on the new OS allows you to highlight a part of the image and roll it back a few seconds until, for instance, the person in question has their eyes open. It’s better demonstrated in the video below but it is an incredible feature both in idea and execution. The only downside we can think of is that other manufacturers may rush to copy it before BB10 is officially launched.

We’ll be keeping you updated on developments, announcements and rumours from BlackBerry World 2012 as the event continues.


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