Names of BB10 Handsets Discovered Inside Dev Alpha Device

Names of possible upcoming RIM devices have been discovered deep within in the operating system of the developer–only device given out at BlackBerry World 2012.

The Dev Alpha device was handed out to selected attendees at last week’s event in Florida where RIM showed off developments in its new OS but did not reveal any new hardware.

According to BlackBerry focused site N4BB, the names of nine devices have been found within the OS, leading many to suggest that these devices could potentially be those set to run BB10 upon its eventual release. Some of those listed are already familiar such as London, the rumoured BB10 launch device, and Colt, which was reported to have been dropped by RIM in January along with the Milan.

Rumours also suggest that another name on the list, Blackforest, could be a 10-inch BB10 tablet device. The other devices making up the list are codenamed Nashville, Naples, Nevada, Winchester2 LTE, Winchester2 HSPA+, and Winchester2 LTE HSPA+.

Further leaks surrounding the BlackBerry OS have revealed even more prospective features for the operating system when it is launched later this year. RIM impressed last week when CEO Thorsten Heins showed off the software’s time-shift camera functions, flowing menus and intuitive, onscreen keypad. Since then, details of a screen-sharing function, video-editor and tilt-sensitive lock screen have also emerged.

The introduction of screen-sharing functionality would allow the user to show someone what’s on their display during a call, useful for presentations or showing off photos. Details of the other functions remain scant but it is suggested that the lock screen will display different notifications depending on how the device is positioned.

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