CTIA Wireless 2012: Day Two Round-Up

The second day of the CTIA Wireless Convention in New Orleans has been a much quieter affair than the first. Day one saw announcements of several new devices from a variety of manufacturers but the focus has since moved towards keynote speeches from some of the industry’s bigger players.


Visa President John Partridge took to the stage to explain how the company is progressing in the world of mobile banking. Yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy S III was named the official phone of the London 2012 Olympics and one of the major features of the limited edition device being produced will be its use of NFC technology to allow users to make contactless payments around the Olympic Village.

Visa intends to bring the company’s V.me payment service to mobile devices through NFC technology and simplify the way in which the technology is used.

Partridge said he sees the future as “a world where people use mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices to handle their money”.


Peripherals manufacturer MyCharge has announced a new range of gadgets that power up mobile devices on the move. Taking on the problem of running a bright screen and powerful processor form a mobile battery, the firm unveiled the Peak 6000, a portable power pack which can be used to charge up a variety of handsets through micro USB and which is also compatible with iPhones and iPads.


A brand new company called NEXgen has created a range of decorative skins for several gadgets which stick on to the device to give it a unique look. The skins are available in a wide variety of styles for fifty different devices, and there are plans to create more products compatible with a further twenty devices in the future.


Bluetooth-compatible gadget manufacturer SuperTooth announced a new hands-free device that allows smartphone users to make calls whilst driving. The new gadget supports Bluetooth A2DP which will also allow users to stream music when driving as well as accommodating voice calls and offering support for mobile-based sat nav systems.

We’ll have more news on the final day of CTIA Wireless tomorrow, so be sure to check back to the Dialaphone blog then.

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