iPhone 5 Rumoured to Have Larger Display

Apple’s next iPhone could feature a 4-inch display according to reports from major news sources.

Both The Wall Street Journal and Reuters cite numerous anonymous mobile industry insiders who claim that the upcoming device will have a larger display than previous iPhone iterations.

Those same sources also claim that Apple has placed orders with LG, Sharp and Japan Display, the manufacturers it’s said will produce the new screens.

Previous reports, specifically from Apple-watching tech site iMore, have suggested that the next iPhone will have a screen of a similar size to earlier iterations. Other rumours have mentioned an improbably large 4.6-inch screen, along with more credible stories about the device having 4G connectivity and an upgraded Retina Display.

It’s worth noting that Reuters has a reliable track record when it comes to rumours about Apple devices. The news agency correctly reported that the iPad 2 would have two cameras before the tablet was released and that the latest iPad would be equipped to support 4G networks.

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