Windows Phone Takes Larger Chinese Market Share than iOS

Windows Phone is becoming increasingly successful in the Chinese market having taken a larger share of the market than the iPhone.

Despite the first WP-powered device being released in the country just two months ago, Microsoft’s mobile platform now has a 7% share of the market. iPhone sales currently account for 6% of Chinese sales.

The world’s most populated country is an important market for Apple with the Cupertino-based company having released its iPhone 4s there in January. However, despite ongoing negotiations the world’s largest telecom carrier, China Mobile, still does not support Apple’s devices.

Windows Phone was first introduced to China with the HTC Eternity, known as the HTC Titan in Britain, and sales of the device have been encouraging. The latest handset resulting from Microsoft’s collaboration with Nokia, the WP-powered Lumia 900, is set to be released in the Asian country next month.

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