Nexus Tab Rumoured for Google I/O, set to go on Sale in July

It has been rumoured that Google will reveal a Nexus tablet at Google I/O for a while now, and as the conference date nears, so the rumours gather pace. Two separate sources have joined in with the chatter this past week, and here’s what they’ve got to say.

First up it’s perennial rumour-monger Digitimes, an industry publication that thrives on spreading exactly this type of gossip, so take it as you will. Suppliers have told them that an initial batch of 600,000 7-inch tablets will go on sale in July, and that Google originally wanted to release them in May, but a desire to keep the price as low as possible saw the company push that date back by a couple of months.

Tech blog Techno Buffalo also says Google has a 7-inch tablet ready for launch, and that it has been built by Asus and will use an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. It also says the tablet will be this year’s giveaway at the Google I/O conference.

Google I/O is expected to be the launchpad for the next version of Android too, and traditionally it’s joined by a new Nexus device to showcase its talents. Android Jelly Bean is the version in question, and could come pre-installed on the 7-inch tablet.

A tablet may not be the only device to be launched at Google I/O either, as there has been considerable speculation that Google will open a brand-new online store to sell its Nexus hardware, and that there will be as many as five to choose from when it does. More details of this venture may be revealed during the conference. Google I/O begins on 27 June in San Francisco.

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