Everything Everywhere Expects Ofcom to Review Mobile Network Sharing Deal

Everything Everywhere has welcomed the network-sharing deal announced by O2 and Vodafone last week, but says that it expects Ofcom to review the proposal.

The two operators joined forces to share 18,500 mobile masts across the UK, the appropriation of each’s infrastructure aimed at speeding up the introduction of 4G networks. The arrangement will allow O2 and Vodafone to each offer 2G and 3G coverage to up to 98% of Britain by 2015.

Collaborating on a joint network will allow a faster 4G service to be run by each of the companies than could be managed separately.

Along with Three, O2 and Vodafone have previously criticised Everything Everywhere’s campaign to lobby the government into speeding up the introduction of 4G services across Britain, claiming that it is led by self-interest.

A spokesperson from Everything Everywhere said: “It is good to see the other two key players in the UK market being spurred to action following our call to bring 4G to Britain this year.

“As with any plan of this scale, we would expect Ofcom to carefully review the proposal to ensure long-term fairness and competition across all aspects of the industry.”

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