Nokia to Bring PureView Camera to Lumia Range

Nokia will be bringing PureView camera technology to its range of Lumia devices, the firm’s US president has confirmed.

Chris Webber told online mobile community Howard Forums: “You can expect we’ll be bringing PureView technologies to the Windows Phone platform in future Lumia devices.

“We’re working with Microsoft to make sure their platform supports the broad set of things we want to do with the PureView imaging”.

Nokia first demonstrated its 41 megapixel camera system when it unveiled the 808 PureView at Mobile World Congress in February. The handset surprised many as it was revealed that it would run Nokia’s own Symbian OS rather than Microsoft’s Window Phone mobile operating system.

The Finnish manufacturer’s cameraphone technology isn’t actually capable of taking pictures at 41 megapixels, instead using a system called ‘oversampling’ which combines data from several pixels captured by the cameras sensor at once. The resulting images actually contain around 5 megapixels but are of a much higher quality than those created with another camera of the same spec.

At the moment Nokia’s high-spec camera component is also quite large, forming a 1cm cube which would make any phone fitted with it quite bulky. The firm’s flagship Lumia 900 is only 11.5mm thick while the 808 PureView is 13.9mm at its thickest point.

Although Webber has confirmed that the camera technology will be incorporated into future Lumia devices, he didn’t give any indication of when these devices will arrive. Microsoft is due to publicly demonstrate its new Windows Phone 8 OS on 20 June and, while the new operating system is expected to have some camera improvements, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any PureView Lumia handsets that soon.

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