RIM Confirms BlackBerry 10 Delay

Last night, Research in Motion announced a delay in the release of BlackBerry 10, and confirmed fears the beleaguered company would be cutting jobs. The news came during RIM’s first quarter earnings call, where a £334m loss was reported.

A total of 5000 jobs will be cut during the restructure of the firm, although no further details were given about when the losses would occur, and as the second quarter is looking even worse, more may follow later in the year.

More bad news came in the shape of a delay in BlackBerry 10′s release. The completely new operating system has been seen as a potential savoir of the company, and was originally expected before the end of the year.

CEO Thorsten Heins is quoted as saying “our top priority going forward is the successful launch of our first BlackBerry 10 device, which we now anticipate in the first quarter of calendar 2013”.

Last week, a slide said to show the first BlackBerry 10 phones was leaked, of which one was touchscreen and the other was a QWERTY handset. This came as a surprise, as many believed RIM was about to abandon the form factor that made it a success.

Heins confirmed a QWERTY BlackBerry 10 phone would join the touchscreen model, and said “we fully intend to lead the QWERTY segment”. BlackBerry fans should now look out for the touchscreen L-Series (or London as we know it) and the N-Series (or Nevada) early next year.

The delay is unfortunate, but this could be RIM’s last chance to get it right, so it should take the extra time and make BlackBerry 10 the very best product possible. But time is definitely running out.

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