Weekly Web Highlight: BBC Olympics

Following years of preparation and an unimaginable level of media attention in the seemingly endless build-up, the London Olympics is finally upon us. Despite initial reservations that the wall-to-wall coverage would be overbearing, here at Dialaphone HQ, we have actually become quite the Olympiad enthusiasts, regularly checking the medals tables and feverishly following the happenings of some events we’d previously never even heard of.

To feed our insatiable desire for all things Olympics-related we have found no better resource than the BBC Olympics website. Including everything from day planners and athlete biographies, to event analysis and live video feeds, all wrapped in a stylish but simple interface, the Beeb really has surpassed itself with this site.

There is even the option to personalise the site, with users able to select their five favourite athletes, events or countries to display at the top of the page every time the site is visited. Attempting to adequately cover every event across the entire Olympics may have been a daunting one but, as this week’s Weekly Web Highlight shows, the Aunty Beeb has handled it with aplomb.

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