Weekly Web Highlight: Will Pearson’s Gigapixel Galleries

With the rise of mobile phone cameras and apps such as Instagram and Hipstamatic, the notion of ultra-high resolution images has become almost obsolete. Photographs are now viewed on smartphone and tablet screens which are, at most, 10-inches in size, meaning that a very high resolution image is simply not required for most applications.

But what if you still want to immerse yourself in some luscious, beautifully deep images that provide a breadth of detail seldom seen in this age of compression and retro filters? Well, look no further than this week’s Weekly Web Highlight, where high resolution panorama photographer Will Pearson showcases his range of gigapixel images of cityscapes around the world.

Focusing mostly on London, Pearson captures striking photographs from key vantage points such as The Shard, using an ultra-high resolution camera. The images are then exhibited on his beautifully well presented website, allowing the viewer to experience the images in full screen mode with no distractions. The real jaw-dropping moment comes when the zoom function is used when viewing the photographs, where the true sense of scale within the images comes to the fore.

So, the next time your sanity is pushed to the limit thanks to a 540kb image of someone’s ham sandwich put through a series of 1970s  filters, take ten minutes to explore Will Pearson’s work and remember how good photography can be in all its panoramic glory.

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