Pictures of New HTC Device Emerge

Photos of a new HTC device have been published by tech site The Verge, possibly indicating that the Taiwanese manufacturer could be lining another budget handset up for release.

Commentators are suggesting that the smartphone, codenamed the ‘Proto’, could be set to replace the One V which was released earlier this year. The new device is rumoured to have upgraded specs including a dual-core Qualcomm processor (a step up from the One V’s single-core unit) and a 4-inch display which is slightly larger than the 3.7-inch screen found on its predecessor.

A marked difference between the new handset and the older One series device is the absence of the ‘chin piece’ which gave the One V its distinctive appearance, although wasn’t to the taste of many.The Proto on the other hand has a smooth, rounded body which looks more like that featured on the One S or possibly HTC’s older Wildfire S, and is said to be only 9.62mm thick.

Other rumoured specs include a 5 megapixel camera, 4GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM, all of which are similar to those seen on the One V. The device is also said to have Beats Audio branding, a welcome addition since the sound technology has produced some excellent results when built into past HTC handsets.

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