Dialaphone Heroes: Nokia 3210

Dialaphone Heroes is a new feature in which we take a look at some of the defining pieces of tech that have shaped the world we live in…

Despite residing in a world surrounded by stunning quad-core smartphones and huge-screened hybrid devices, the benchmark for ultimate usability within the Dialaphone office still remains firmly pinned to the iconic Nokia 3210.

The handset, originally released in 1999, sold over 160 million units following its release, making it the 6th highest selling mobile phones of all time. Its interchangeable fascias, formidable battery life and internal antenna certainly proved a devastating combination amongst consumers.

Admittedly there were other devices around at the time that featured more cutting edge technology, such as the Nokia 9000 Communicator and the tri-band Motorola Timeport, but the 3210 had a weapon in its arsenal to defeat such competitors – youth appeal.

The device was much more affordable than its rivals and offered two built-in games which, when combined with a youth-orientated marketing campaign, made it extremely popular with a demographic that had yet to be exposed to mobile tech.

Obviously by today’s standards the 3210 is incredibly basic, with even baseline features such as a colour screen or internal loudspeaker notable by their absence. However, its bulletproof build quality, intrinsic ties to the youth demograph and landmark design marked the Nokia 3210 out as one of the most important mobile phone releases of the wireless age.

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