LG Optimus Vu II: A New Device, or an Accessory Kit?

LG has announced the Optimus Vu II, kind of. It has made mention of it in a press release at least, but has failed to provide any details about the device at all.

The press release instead concentrates on a single new feature: Q Remote, which is an infrared sensor designed to provide the Vu II with the ability to control other electronic devices around the home.

Like every other universal remote control, access codes are punched into the smartphone/tablet hybrid – or presumably can be “learned” if a standard code isn’t available – and a customisable user interface provides complete control. Compatible appliances include televisions, set-top boxes and even air conditioning units; and they don’t have to be made by LG either.

So, Q Remote is obviously the big feature of the Optimus Vu II, but what about the device itself? We’re still waiting patiently for the upgraded Optimus Vu to be released here in the UK, so what has its sequel got to offer?

LG doesn’t say, and in fact, its complete silence makes us wonder if there are any changes at all. Perhaps the Vu II is the name of the quad-core Vu we’re so eagerly awaiting?

Also, the translated press release really isn’t clear at all. It calls the device Optimus Vu: II, and occasionally refers to the Q Remote as a “mount” rather than a feature. It also talks about a Wi-Fi feature that instantly shows the remote control app on the device’s screen, indicating some type of hub may be used too.

It’s all a bit confusing at the moment, and we’re not sure whether this is a whole new phone, or an accessory for the existing, or slightly upgraded device. LG says the Optimus Vu: II will go on sale in Korea next month. Perhaps we’ll get more information during the IFA 2012 show at the end of this week.

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