Microsoft Finally Reveals Windows Phone 8 Hardware Launch Dates

We’ve all heard plenty about the Windows Phone 8 operating system since it was revealed back in June, and we’ve been treated to some very special hardware since that time too, except it was never very clear when it would all arrive.

Today, at an event in San Francisco that closes out a busy period for Microsoft, CEO Steve Ballmer took a few moments to run through the line-up of new devices, and provide a better idea of when they would go on sale. Thankfully, we don’t have much longer to wait.

Nokia was first up, and Ballmer sang the praises of its key partner’s hardware, as well as reminding us that Nokia leads the way in sales of Windows Phone handsets. It has two new phones headed for the UK, the Lumia 820 and Lumia 920, both of which will be “in stores this week”.

EE will also be getting the Lumia 920, but on its 4G network, and it will be available from November 9 according to PCAdvisor, however the report doesn’t mention the Lumia 820, which EE has also said it will stock.

HTC’s 8S and 8X will also go on sale during November, along with the Samsung Ativ S, although exact dates have yet to be confirmed. However, Steve Ballmer said all Windows Phone 8 hardware would be out “this weekend” during his presentation, so expect those who’re fully prepared for the launch to have phones¬†on sale on 2 November.

The event was all about looking forward, and how Windows Phone 8 fitted into Microsoft’s line-up of Windows 8, Surface tablets and the Xbox. For that reason, nothing was mentioned about Windows Phone 7.8, the update that will bring the new style Live Tile layout to older, Windows Phone 7 handsets. We’re still hopeful of more news later this week.

But for now, it’s all about getting Windows Phone 8 hardware into the hands of eager buyers, something that will happen early next month.


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