Nokia Maps Coming to iOS Soon

Nokia has had a go at rebranding its Maps app, but has done so by sending out an almost incomprehensible press release on the subject. It also held a special event in San Francisco, but failed to publicise it much beforehand, so nobody really paid any attention.

All this is a shame, as it’s actually quite interesting, and as the title of this post suggests, quite exciting too. Nokia Maps appears to have become something called Here a name that rivals “Everything Everywhere” in its meaninglessness; a cross-platform mapping app that will appear not only on Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone 8 handsets, but iOS and Android too.

Apparently, Nokia has already submitted its Here app to Apple and expects to see it approved soon, ready for release in the coming weeks. It’ll be free to download, and will include voice guided walking, driving and public transport-based navigation, satellite views, transport and live traffic views. Next year, Nokia hopes an Android app will be released too.

There’s a very good chance that Nokia’s Here maps will beat Google Maps onto iOS, as despite rumours circulating over Google building a standalone app for iOS, it has yet to appear. The arrival of Here on to iOS will be good news for those struggling with Apple Maps too, as Nokia’s maps are well known for their accuracy and detail.

There’s no exact release date yet, and there is always the chance Apple will turn the app down, however, now Nokia has publicly announced its intentions, expect a considerable backlash should it do so.

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