Dialaphone Heroes: iMac

The iMac G3 signalled the beginning of Apple’s range of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers and since its launch in 1998 it has marked a key moment in Apple’s desktop offerings.

Many would argue the release of the iMac signalled the second coming of Apple, further propelling the firm into the limelight. And, since the iMac G3 the device has evolved through eight distinct forms.

Within just nine months Apple had smoothly transitioned the entire line of iMac G3′s to Intel where the ability to run Windows software on Mac hardware became one its main appeals to users across the globe.

The original iMac was the first Macintosh computer to house a USB port instead of a floppy disc drive, and also featured a 15-inch display, 32MB RAM and stereo surround sound all housed within a aesthetically pleasing translucent casing.

Many describe the iMac as a revolution; an all-in-one computer that puts everything, including display, processor, graphics, memory, storage and much more inside one simple and stylish enclosure.

Its latest desktop offering, announced earlier this year, boasts a thin 5mm edge making its volume 40% less than the previous model. To achieve this slender build the eighth version of the iMac is built on new technologies and manufacturing techniques, once again boosting Apple’s presence and stature against other hardware makers.

More than 10 years ago Apple introduced its high-performance technology setting the bar for future desktop systems. And, we’re pretty sure that things could have been very different had its efforts to bring the internet to the fore of its products had not been such an instant success.

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