Sony Yuga To Be Called Sony Xperia Z?

Rumours suggest the Sony Yuga, expected for release next year, could go by the name of the Xperia Z when it finally hits the shelves.

There have been many reports regarding the firm’s new flagship Android device but a source via the Xperia Blog has suggested Yuga is just the codename until the Xperia Z is officially announced, keeping with the firm’s single letter naming conventions.

The source also echoed other rumours  suggesting the device will boast a huge full 1080p HD 5-inch display, packed with Sony’s BRAVIA TV technology as well as being both water and dust proof.

Further details about the screen mention that it will come with OptiContrast technology, which was also used on the Xperia V and Xperia tablet S. The technology provides low reflection due to a special resin layer and as a result kicks out vivid and high-contrast colours.

While the Japanese firm is yet to confirm or deny the existence of the Xperia Z, it is expected that it will be unveiled at CES 2013, in Las Vegas.

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