Sony Xperia Z and ZL Leaked Before CES 2013 Launch

Just after Christmas, the forthcoming Sony smartphone known as the Yuga was rumoured to be called the Xperia Z when it finally goes on sale. With the new year out of the way, this name has been almost confirmed by Sony themselves, as an image has been discovered on its website bearing it. What’s more, the Xperia Z isn’t alone, as it has been joined by the Xperia ZL too.

The Xperia Z is expected to represent two Sony “firsts” in its smartphone range – the use of a quad-core processor and the addition of a 5-inch display with a 1080p resolution. Up until know, Sony has made full use of the powerful dual-core Snapdragon processors, boosting the clock speed to as high as 1.7GHz to compete with the draw of headline-grabbing quad-core chips in its competitors high-end phones. It had indicated the first Sony quad-core phone would arrive in 2013, and it appears we’re going to get two.

At least, that’s the theory, as there is speculation the Xperia ZL – which has previously been leaked as the Sony Odin – will feature identical hardware to the Xperia Z, but inside a more compact chassis. This sounds a little confusing, as why would anyone choose a bigger phone with the same spec, so we look forward to hearing what Sony ends up doing.

When will this be? As CES 2013 is about to begin in Las Vegas, it’s highly likely Sony will use the massive consumer electronics show as its launchpad for its latest range-topping phones, as it has done so in the past. A Sony press event will be held on 7 January, so expect more news next week.

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