BlackBerry Launch Event: As it Happens

RIM is unveiling its new BlackBerry 10 platform, with events in cities such as New York, London, Paris and Dubai. Dialaphone is live at the London showcase, bringing you updates as they happen. Along with the new software, RIM will be launching hardware too, with the Canadian manufacturer widely expected to showcase something very different to the trademark BlackBerry form that we seen in the past.

DAP BB10 Launch 2

15.00 Rob Orr, managing director of RIM UK and Ireland, takes to the stage. A live global telecast will be coming from New York, featuring Thosten Heins, CEO of RIM.

15.03 “BlackBerry 10 will shape the industry in the same way the original BlackBerry did ten years ago”.

15.03 Over to New York.

15.05 Live feeds from BlackBerry events all over the world are being shown, with London first.

15.08 We’re hearing testimonies from business leaders from many countries about how much they love BlackBerry.

DAP BB10 Launch 1

15.09 Business use and new BlackBerry 10 camera features are briefly mentioned.

15.10 Alex Saunders, VP of developer relations for RIM, is interviewed in New York. He says the response from app developers has been brilliant.

15.11 We hear that 15,000 apps for BlackBerry 10 were submitted in one weekend and 19,000 the next.

15.15 Thorsten Heins takes the stage in New York.

15.23 “Two Year’s ago we had to make an important decision, either to develop our own platform or adopt someone else’s”

15.25 RIM is changing its name to BlackBerry.

15.28 Two new handsets are shown, the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The Z10 is has a full touchscreen and the Q10 a physical QWERTY keypad.

15.31 Heins shows off the glass-weave backing of the Q10.

15.32 We are shown around BlackBerry Hub, where notifications and social networks are all pulled together.

15.33 We get a look at BlackBerry Peek, which gives you a quick glimpse of notifications without leaving the app you’re using.

15.37 BlackBerry Hub pulls profile pictures through from social networks.

15.40 Now we get to see the BlackBerry 10 keypad with its swiping predictive text feature.


15.43 BlackBerry Balance is now being demonstrated, creating a split between the way which the device is used for work or personal things.

15.46 BlackBerry Messenger has been expanded to include video calling.

15.47 An extra feature has also been added, called Screen Share. One user can send whatever is on their display to another device.

15.52 On to the camera, which has simple touch focus and capture interface.

15.53 We also see Time Shift, which allows you roll back a few milliseconds from when a photo was taken to correct any mistakes in the image. Great for those moments when someone blinks just as the shutter clicks.

15.55 We’re also shown Story Maker, which allows you mix videos and images together and add text before sharing them.


15.57 Heins sums up “This is the new BlackBerry”.

15.58 Martyn Mallick, RIM’s VP of global affairs and business development, comes on to talk about the apps and media that will be available through BlackBerry 10.

16.00 He announces that new platform has over 70,000 apps already.

16.00 They include Skype, WhatsApp and Angry Birds.

16.04 Mallick: “Nobody will feel they are lacking applications or content on BlackBerry 10″.

16.09 Heins is back, telling us that the BlackBerry Z10 will be available in the UK from tomorrow.

16.11 Singer Alicia Keys is introduced in her new role as BlackBerry’s global creative director.

16.15 She will work closely with app designers and people in entertainment to do creative things with BlackBerry 10.

16.20 The video link with New York is over and Rob Orr is back on stage in London.

16.25 Orr is joined on stage by Peter Versterbacka from Rovio, who demonstrates Angry Birds on BlackBerry 10.

16.30 It’s all over and BlackBerry 10 has been launched. A whole new OS with two new handsets and demonstrations of what it all can do via video links across the world. RIM, or BlackBerry as it now officially known, could well be poised to take back it place at the cutting edge of the smartphone world and from what we’ve just seen the firm has armed itself well for the struggle.

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