US Network Expected to Launch New Touchscreen BlackBerry Device This Year


A source speaking to AllThingsD has indicated BlackBerry is hard at work on the next wave of BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and that another touchscreen model will arrive on the U.S. network Sprint later this year. The company formerly known as RIM launched BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, showing two phones – the BlackBerry Z10 and the keyboard-equipped BlackBerry Q10 – off at the time.

These two are just the start of BlackBerry’s plans for 2013, as the company is expected to launch six phones before the end of the year, all of which will occupy different price points. The new report says Sprint has a touchscreen phone ready for release sometime after the summer, and that it’ll be an all-new device rather than a warmed over BlackBerry Z10.

Sprint is the only major U.S. network not to stock the BlackBerry Z10, deciding instead to go for the BlackBerry Q10 as its only BlackBerry 10 handset. This left a fashionable touchscreen phone shaped hole in its range, one which could be filled by a new device should the rumour turn out to be true. The QWERTY phone doesn’t have a release date at this point, although it’s expected to come out in April or May.

In the UK, the BlackBerry Z10 is already on sale, and earlier today, the phone was finally given its release date with AT&T in the USA. After an extensive testing period, the Z10 will make its debut there on 22 March. The BlackBerry Z10 has been attracting good press since its release, with a YouGov report stating 43% of existing BlackBerry owners are planning a switch to BlackBerry 10 before the end of summer. So far, there’s no similar rumours concerning UK networks grabbing any of BlackBerry’s next generation hardware.

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